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Who doesn’t love a fresh Bagel in the morning? Or anytime? Super easy to deal with. Looking forward to many more in the future!

Paul Cochran

Reminds me of NY bagels! Just the right "chewy" factor!

Kresta MacKinnon

So yummy and fresh! We love getting these in a Saturday morning! Highly recommend Boulder Bagels. If you haven’t tried them you should!

Adina Schicchi

Absolutely delicious bagels. I finally got my hands on the elusive boulder bagel and my goodness it was worth the wait. Fresh, flavorful, and delicious. Everything you could ask for in a bagel and then some. I’m gonna keep spreading the love so that these guys can keep smearing the bagels! Keep it up Boulder Bagels! You’ve earned another lifetime customer.

Dan Holman

There is no such thing as a bad bagel. Throughout my life I have enjoyed many fine bagels, that were pretty darn good.

Boulder bagels are not pretty darn good. No, they are TRULY MAGNIFICENT. With a deliciously crisp exterior and a supremely chewy inside, each bite of a boulder bagel rivals the finest bagels found in great bagel cities like New York or Montreal.

While other bagel makers only dip one side in toppings, boulder bagels does a double dip, covering both sides with delicious toppings. Don’t miss out on half your bagel toppings, go to boulder bagels, you won’t regret it. Great bagels.

Dylan Sachse

I've been to a lot of places for bagels, they're my breakfast of choice but splurging on the calories for a bad bagel is heartbreaking. These bagels are so worth it every time. The perfect crisp on the outside shattering into a soft doughy interior. I've only had them twice and I think about them a lot
Great breakfast · Great bagels

Scott Brown

Seriously one of the best bagels I’ve ever had! Their everything bagel is amazing. They even deliver!!
Great bagels

Chris Rubeck

Amazing!!! We love their bagels

Annie Greco 

These are the best bagels I have ever tasted, I consider myself a bagel snob being from New York and these Boulder Bagels exceeded my expectations. Try them ! You will not be disappointed. I ordered a sample of each flavor. Still trying to figure out which I like the best. They are fresh , thick and very tasty.

Marietta Zygaj

These bagels are magical! They are fresh and awesomely flavorful and great texture! I LOVE to have them for my treat and they are even delivered! Ahh the benefits to living here in Erie! Thanks so much for satisfying my bagel fix!

Great breakfast · Great bagels

Dawn Baldwin McNierney

These bagels remind me of my fav bagel shop in LA. They are super fresh, soft, and chewy! I cannot recommend them more!!!

Laura Oakley

Tried your bagels for the first time today. Very easy to order, delivered right on time and yummy! We will be ordering again and are very happy to recommend a local business!!

Liz Bowen Witt

These bagels are awesome! Super tasty and they freeze well too! Ordered some bagels for Saturday delivery and I was impressed. Both my kids eat and finished their bagels which for them is a big deal. I ordered a dozen and froze what we didn’t eat on Saturday. Popped on out of the freezer yesterday and within 20 mins it was ready to toast. Took one to work today too. Will definitely be ordering again!

Aselyn Kirkpatrick

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